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Seat Burn Repair Costs

January 14, 2013

If you are unfortunate enough to have a seat burn in your car and have tried to get it fixed then you know how difficult it can be from finding someone that is good at what they do, to having the time off work to have it done, it can be a costly exercise.

The most important factor in the costing for a seat burn repair is the type of repair that you have carried out. For example there are two main techniques you can use to repair a seat burn

1. Fibre repair
This repair technique is the most popular for its the cheapest to have done with prices starting from £35 and can be carried out by a mobile service that come to your home or place of work to carry out the job., This techniques is used widely within the motor trade circles on new cars, hire car returns and trade ins, the whole process takes no longer than 1 hour and can be sat on within an hour. The process involves placing matching fibres in the burn hole, slowly building up the layers with an adhesive until it’s at the desired level. The repair itself is not 100% unnoticeable but if you are not looking at it or for it then you wouldn’t see it.

2. Reupholster repair
This is the more expensive of the two techniques with prices starting from £150 (depending upon size and location). The results though speak for themselves with the repair being virtually perfect. The process involves removing a section of the seat fabric that has the burn mark in from the stitching and replacing it with a matching piece. The downsides would obviously be the price and that you would have to take the car to them, meaning time off work and you would be without the car for a period of time.

Deciding on what technique to go for depends entirely on you the customer and what your desired outcomes are. So if you are a perfectionist and just can’t bear to see it, then go for the more costly technique. But if you just want the damage covered over or you are selling the vehicle then it would be wise to go for the fibre technique.