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Seat Burn Repair Hertfordshire

October 29, 2012

This customer was based in St Albans in Hertfordshire and had multiple burns on his rear seat of his BMW Mini, it seems the passenger sitting in the rear seat had dropped the cigarette and while trying to pick it up had unintentionally moved the hot end around and in the process created multiple burns on the fabric. This customer had got our details from a previous customer who lived on the same street, he emailed us a photo of the damage and a date and time was arranged to fix the problem.

Seat Burn Damage

As you can see the burn is not the conventional circular shape you would expect to see but where the hot end of the cigarette has been moved around has created an oval shaped burn. The hole itself is quite deep and needs foam filling.

Seat Burn Repair Herts

The damage took 1 hour to fully repair and could be sat on within 1 hour.

If you have any type of burn damage on your car seat and need it fixed, send us a photo for a quote on or call us on 0800 0778832 for more information.