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Bumper Repair

January 26, 2016

Bumper scuffs or scratches can make a car look tatty and unloved especially when the under coat or base colour is vastly different to the main colour as in the photos below. This series of chips on the front bumper was caused by another driver just catching the corner of the car while pulling out of a tight spot.

Most of our competitors wanted to respray the entire bumper and one wanted to replace it all together. Luckily good sense prevailed and they called us to fix their Bumper Repair.

Car Body Repairs 4 Less has been fixing these types of bumper repairs for over 12 years. We use a specialised Smart Repair technique that we have adapted that allows us to spray a smaller area and not the whole bumper in order to blend in the paint.

The photos below show the before and after shots of the damaged area. The job took us just under 2 hours and the work was carried out at the customers address in Finchley, North London.

This technique we use is so versatile it can be adapted to a variety of other car bodywork damage such as:

  • Bumper Scuff,
  • Key or Vandal Scratches
  • Cracked bumpers
  • Door Scratches
  • Stone Chips
  • Rust Repairs

If you have some damage you would like looked at on your bumper or any other part of your car and require a reliable, efficient cost effective service that is local to you and can carry out the work at your home or place of work. Then you’ve found it. You can email us photos to sales@carbodyrepairs4less or text photos to 07966799721 for an instance Bumper Repair Quote.

Mobile Car Body Repair

January 21, 2016

This damage on the front wing of an 8-year-old Ford Focus was the result of another car reversing into it in a shopping centre car park. As you can see from the photos below the damage is quite severe, most of the front wing has been badly dented and warped as a result of the collision. This sort of car body repair damage we would not normally take on, it’s at the limits of what we can repair. But the customer had already been quoted over £600 by a few different body shops and couldn’t warrant paying that sort of price, especially when the car is as old as it is, so he contacts us.

This job was probably our trickiest to date, and considering we have been in the industry for over 12 years that’s saying something.

To fix the massive dent is not just a case of slapping as much filler in the dent as possible, but using as little filler as you can. This was achieved by reshaping the wing with plenty of brute force with a variety of different tools. Once the basic shape was achieved then it was time for the filler. Only a skimming of filler was required for we managed to remove most of the dent and panel distortion first. Then paint and lacquer.

As you can see from the completed repair photo, the damage has all gone and only took us just under 4 hours to carry out the car body repair.

This customer lived in Buckhurst Hill in Essex. If you live within this area or any others that we service like Hertfordshire, Essex or North London and you need a similar job carried out on your car, give us a call on 08000778832 or email us a photo to