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Rust Repairs Wickford Essex

August 28, 2012

Severe rust damage can be difficult and sometimes impossible to remove for a mobile car body repair service, it’s always best to have the rust fixed as soon as you see it raise its ugly head. The only 100% way of removing severe rust would be to cut the section out and re-weld a new one back on, unfortunately our mobile service is not capable of this type of repair, we can only remove light rust damage and anything more should be taken to a body shop or an accident repair centre to be remedied.

Below is a photo of some rust damage that a customer had on his BMW on the rear wheel arch, it’s at the higher end of what we can fix and if left any longer would have to be taken to a body shop to get removed.

Rust Damage in Essex

As you can see from the photo the rust spot has not yet flaked off and is situated on the inside of the wheel arch. This customer lives in Wickford in Essex and contacted us via email, he sent us through some photos from which we gave him a quote and possible date and time for the repair.

Rust Repair Essex

The repair took 2 hours to fully complete, not only did we repair the rust damage but also the dent too that can be seen to the left of the rust on the first photo. The customer was very pleased for he originally had the car booked in with a body shop for three times the cost of what we charged him.

If you have damage like this customer and need a similar repair or other damage such as bumper repairs or scratch damage you can call us on 0800 0778832 or email us some photos for a quote within 24 hours