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Seat Burn Repair Hatfield Hertfordshire

June 5, 2013

This repair was carried out last week on a seat burn in Hatfield in Hertfordshire. The damage was located on the rear passenger seat behind the drivers side, the burn was quite deep and required some foam filling to pad out the deep whole left by the burning embers of the cigarette.

Seat Burn Damage Hatfield

The damage on the seat was fixed within 20 minutes. and could be sat on straight away. Its not a 100% perfect finish for you would have to replace the seat fabric for that but it is very difficult to see where the damage was.

Seat Burn Repair Hatfield Herts

If you have a similar type of damage that you wish repaired then text us a photo to 07966 799721 for an instant quote.

Seat Burn Repair Costs

January 14, 2013

If you are unfortunate enough to have a seat burn in your car and have tried to get it fixed then you know how difficult it can be from finding someone that is good at what they do, to having the time off work to have it done, it can be a costly exercise.

The most important factor in the costing for a seat burn repair is the type of repair that you have carried out. For example there are two main techniques you can use to repair a seat burn

1. Fibre repair
This repair technique is the most popular for its the cheapest to have done with prices starting from £35 and can be carried out by a mobile service that come to your home or place of work to carry out the job., This techniques is used widely within the motor trade circles on new cars, hire car returns and trade ins, the whole process takes no longer than 1 hour and can be sat on within an hour. The process involves placing matching fibres in the burn hole, slowly building up the layers with an adhesive until it’s at the desired level. The repair itself is not 100% unnoticeable but if you are not looking at it or for it then you wouldn’t see it.

2. Reupholster repair
This is the more expensive of the two techniques with prices starting from £150 (depending upon size and location). The results though speak for themselves with the repair being virtually perfect. The process involves removing a section of the seat fabric that has the burn mark in from the stitching and replacing it with a matching piece. The downsides would obviously be the price and that you would have to take the car to them, meaning time off work and you would be without the car for a period of time.

Deciding on what technique to go for depends entirely on you the customer and what your desired outcomes are. So if you are a perfectionist and just can’t bear to see it, then go for the more costly technique. But if you just want the damage covered over or you are selling the vehicle then it would be wise to go for the fibre technique.

Seat Burn Repair Hertfordshire

October 29, 2012

This customer was based in St Albans in Hertfordshire and had multiple burns on his rear seat of his BMW Mini, it seems the passenger sitting in the rear seat had dropped the cigarette and while trying to pick it up had unintentionally moved the hot end around and in the process created multiple burns on the fabric. This customer had got our details from a previous customer who lived on the same street, he emailed us a photo of the damage and a date and time was arranged to fix the problem.

Seat Burn Damage

As you can see the burn is not the conventional circular shape you would expect to see but where the hot end of the cigarette has been moved around has created an oval shaped burn. The hole itself is quite deep and needs foam filling.

Seat Burn Repair Herts

The damage took 1 hour to fully repair and could be sat on within 1 hour.

If you have any type of burn damage on your car seat and need it fixed, send us a photo for a quote on or call us on 0800 0778832 for more information.

New Seat Burn Repair System

September 30, 2012

Car Body Repairs 4 Less have been carrying out seat burn repairs in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London for the past 10 years, the systems that we use for this service have not change significantly over that period of time. The process of a seat burn repair involves matching up the fibres of the seat by mixing base colours together, placing high tack adhesive glue within the burn itself and then finishing it off with a top coat of glue and a sprinkling of fibres to blend it in. The basic technique described above has one major drawback, the need for a power supply. This requirement restricts where a seat burn can be repaired, so if you leave your car more than 25 metres from a power source or its in a car park the job cannot be carried out, but things are about to change.

The new seat burn repair system that Car Body Repairs 4 Less are using is the most up to date there is with one major advantage there is no need for a power supply so repairs can be carried out anywhere with no restrictions.  We have been using this for the past month and have found that its already proven its worth, its opened up more opportunities where the previous system didn’t and is small enough to be carried around so even if we can’t park close to the vehicle which needs the repair as long as its it walking distance the job is still on.

Below are some examples of the repairs carried out by this new seat burn system.

Seat burn on edge of main section of seat

Seat burn repaired within 20 min

Most Popular Repairs

July 6, 2012

Over the past month Car Body Repairs 4 Less have repaired numerous cars all over Hertfordshire, Essex and London, in that time we have kept a record of the most popular types of repairs we have been asked to repair, they are the following:

Bumper Scratch Repairs

The most popular repair by far is the humble bumper scuff or bumper scratch, These types of damage are usually caused by parking for it’s the out most section of the car that is likely to come in contact with something else whilst parking or manoeuvring. The repair time for a bumper scuff would be between 1-2 hours depending upon severity of damage.

Bumper Scratch Repairs

Vandal Scratch Repairs

This unfortunately is another common type of repair and the second most popular that we have fixed within the last month. They are generally caused by intentional scratching on a cars body work with a sharp object such as a key, knife or blade. They can be a bit trickier to repair than a bumper scuff mentioned above, for the repairable area is generally larger which requires more paint, materials and time in order to correct the damage. Repair time for a standard key scratch on a door would take between 2-3 hours to a water tight finish.

Key Scratch Repair

Seat Burn Repairs

More common than you may think but seat burns are a popular type of repair. They are caused by dropping a cigarette in a car whilst smoking. Out of the top three types of repairs seat burns take the shortest time to fix with average repair times between 30min to 1hour. This type of repair was mostly carried out when the customer was selling their car or had just bought it.

Seat Burn Repair

The above mentioned repairs are the most common over a monthly period carried out by Car Body Repairs 4 Less. The next three most popular included door dents, rust repairs and stone chip repairs.