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Bumper Paint Repair Bishops Stortford

March 13, 2013

This customer had scuffed his car during the icy conditions we have been having over the past few weeks. The car slid into a post at the end of his drive which grazed the paint work and removed some of the paint and plastic from the rear bumper area. This customer had used our services before so new the standard of our repairs and was more than happy for us to go ahead with the job.

Bumper Scuff Bishops Stortford

As you can see from the photo the damage is in a small area located on the corner of the bumper. The graze did require some filler due to the depth of the scratch.

Scuff Repair Bishops Stortford

The job took 1 hour in total to fully complete and could be driven straight away. The customer was more than happy with the final result, which left his car back into showroom condition. If you have similar types of damage on your car then you can either email us a photo to or use our car body repair quote form.