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Panel scratch in Enfield

January 13, 2014

This scratch on the rear was caused by a vandal overnight. The scratch itself stretches over the rear tailgate and rear wing on the car. The area to be sprayed was quite large due to the location of the damage. All this was fixed within 3 hours of us turning up.



Car Scratch Repairs

September 10, 2012

Car scratches are one of the most popular types of damage that we repair, for they can occur all over the body work from wings and doors to bonnets and roofs. Fixing them can be a tricky affair for all scratches are different and the placing of them on car panels can be varied. Most scratches on cars are caused by unintentional non malicious means such as passing too close to branches or with keys while opening the car door. Some are more malicious like vandalism while others more accidental like impacting with another car or object.

Repairing scratches can be achieved by respraying a localised area or by touching them in, which technique is used depends upon the severity of scratch and its position. For example light scratches are best removed by not spraying for its cheaper and more efficient using other techniques while deeper scratches like key or bumper scuffs are best sprayed for it’s the only 100% way of repairing them its more costly but a better finish is guaranteed.

Below is an example of a light scratch that can be removed without the need to spray the panel.

Light Scratch

Below is an example of a scratch that is too deep to remove and has to be painted to achieve a good finish.

Deep Scratch

There are some instances where touching in can be a better option for the heaver damage but only in a few circumstances below is an example of this. The customer was trading in the car and needed it to be hidden, he decided to go for the cheaper option to save money. The result achieved its purpose and the customer was over the moon with the result.

Touch in Scratch

Scratch Repair Hemel Hempstead

July 13, 2012

This scratch on the front driver’s door was caused by a vandal. The customer parked his car in a supermarket car park and whilst he was shopping a kind person decided to run a sharp object down the driver’s door. As you can see form the photo below the resulting scratch removed about 12 centimetres of paint off the door. The customer is based in Hemel Hempstead, he contacted car body Repairs 4 Less via email and sent us through some photos of the damage. We sent back a quote for the scratch within 24 hours, he accepted the price and a date and time for the repair was arrange accordingly.

Scratch Damage Hemel Hempstead

As you can see the scratch is on a flat section of the door, with no areas to blend the paint in other than up to the door trim and to the extremities of the panel.

Finished repair of scratch on front door

The repair took 2 hours to complete and could be driven straight away.

If you have scratches on your car that you would like fixed, contact us for a free quote. You can do this by phone 0800 0778832 or by sending us a photo to or filling out our car body repair quote form.

Key Scratch Repair London

May 27, 2012

This key scratch is on an Audi Q7 and was caused by some vandal running a key down the side of the rear door. The car was based in East London which can sometimes be a night mare to carry out repairs in due to the parking restrictions and traffic congestion, but luckily the customer had a parking area in a quiet road.

Nasty key scratch damage in London

Key Scratch

As you can see the scratch is quite a long scratch that stretches over the full length of the door. The scratch repair was carried out on a warm day that helped with the curing and was completed with 2 hours to a water tight finish.

The scratch repair was completed within 2 hours

All Better Now

As you can see it’s a great repair.