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Car Scratch Repair Cost

December 30, 2012

To work out an accurate price for a car scratch repair depends on what panel or panels that need to be repaired, the severity of damage and size of the area that needs to be sprayed. If you send us a photo of your car scratch damage we can work out a cost and get back to you within 24 hours. You can do these 3 different ways.

1. Email. Take a few photos of the affected area, a close up to give us an idea of severity and then a wide shot so we can see the size of area that needs to be sprayed. Then send them to you will have a reply within 24 hours.

2. SMS. Take the photos as above then text them to 07966799721. This method is the quickest, we can reply to you within an hour.

3. Fill out our form. You can fill out our Car Body Repair Form and upload your photos from there. We will contact you within 24 hours on receipt of your request.

Our car scratch repair prices are as accurate as we can make them from the photos that we receive. In a very few cases if the photos are of poor quality or do not show the damage in its entirety, then the cost will be revaluated on site.

If you have difficulties in using the suggested media types to send us photos laid out above then you can always just give us a call on our free phone number 0800 0778832 and when we are in or near your area you live we will pop round and give you a quote on the car scratch damage in person.

There are some instances when car body repairs 4 less will not be able to repair s scratch such as:

1. The scratch is the full length of the car
This can be a problem for we use a SMART repair technique which means that the area we can repair is limited to a size.

2. The scratch is on a bonnet
Most bonnet scratches no matter how small will probably need the entire bonnet sprayed to blend in the paint due to the size of the panel. This being the case a SMART repair would not suffice and only a body shop would be able to repair this.

3. The scratch is on the roof
It’s the same with the roof as is with the bonnet.

Holiday Blues

June 26, 2012

Just arrived back from our annual holiday to find the weather still is as wet and windy as it was the day we left and a massive difference from the 30 degree heat myself and my family have been injoying for the past 10 days. A break from work is what everyone needs once in a while and he who says that they don’t need one is either telling fibs or high on something.

It’s difficult for a self employed person like myself to have holidays for when we are off from work, its business that surfers for no one wants to wait 10 – 14 days to have a car body repair carried out, and I don’t blame them.

The garages and showrooms we service can’t leave there cars un repaired for longer than 10 business days for they need to constantly turn cars over and can’t afford to leave cars in storage until they are repaired, so thanks for all theses garages that gave me the time off for a break.

It takes a good few weeks to build back up the customer orders to a reasonable level and things do get frantic on our return for the amount of emails and answer phone messages we have to go through are immense.  With these restrictions on the business the annual leave is never more than 14 days or 10 business days, so for all the repeat customers and new ones that hung on in there for our return, thank you.

And for all the customers that had emergencies or jobs that couldn’t wait for our return we hope that you will keep us in mind for further possible body repairs when needed.

There will be no more time off for us until Christmas so no more further interruptions until then, so if you have any form of bumper scratch repair or any other form of car body damage send us an email at sales@carbodyrepairs4less or call us on 0800 0778832 or fill out our quote form and we will be more than happy to help.

Bring on the work.