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Save Money on Car Body Repairs

June 3, 2012

Even though using a mobile car body repair service saves you money on your car body repairs you can still save more. This can be achieved by having more than one repair carried out at the same time. Yes the price is greater than having a single repair but cheaper than having two areas of damage repaired on separate occasions.

How this works

If you have a bumper scratch on your car and you have this repaired in one visit by a mobile smart repair service the price will be fixed and little if any discount will be given. Where if you have more than one area of damage on your car and have them all repaired on the same visit the margin for a discount will be much greater. This is mainly down to the reduced overheads, for the smart repair technician is already on site therefore no additional fuel charges or call out and it costs much less to make up a larger quantity of paint once than multiple smaller amounts. Not only are the overheads lower but it takes less time repairing multiple repairs in one visit than in separate ones given the technician the ability to fit in more jobs within the day.

Save money on your car body repairs

You could save lots!!

So if you have more than one type of car body damage like seat burn repair, panel scratch, bumper scratch or dent, try and have these all repaired at one visit for it will not only put your car back in to showroom condition but also save you money in your pocket to.