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Car Body Repairs Near Me

December 13, 2016

Most people now when searching for a car body repair service near them don’t really know who or what they are getting. Most Car body repair services that advertise themselves as a mobile Smart Repair Specialists are in fact huge franchise firms that are nationwide and who have a representative that would be in your area. This sounds all well and good but due to the amount of repair men they have dotted around the country do you really know how good there representative is that would be coming out to you?

It’s always better from my experience to always go local when it comes to using skilled tradesmen. Finding a good quality Car Body Repair Service that is local to your County and from which you might have had a recommendation for is always better then flicking through the yellow pages. We have been operating in the North London, Essex and Hertfordshire areas for over 10 years now and have built up quite a client base from garages and hire car firms to cooperate business and local councils. We have a wide range of experience in all areas of localised Smart Repair work and can fix 90% of all minor collision damage at your home or place of work in the same day. You can view some of our feedback and reviews on our Facebook page and for more information on ‘Car Body Repairs near me’ you can see our website that also has a massive amount of information on the types of repairs that we can carry out, how we operate and over 50 blog posts on related subjects. So if you live in the Hertfordshire, Essex or North London areas and are searching for ‘Car Body Repairs Near Me’ don’t be surprised to see us on the front page.

We offer a free no obligation quote service and return all emails, texts and calls within the same working day.

Below are just a few examples of the type of work we are able to carry out on your doorstep.

Bumper scuff in East London

This scuff is only slight and required a couple of hours work to put it back into show room condition again. Job was carried out at the customers work and cost under half what a competitor had quoted.

Scuff on Rear bumper in North London

Another good example of a straightforward repair. The panel was in good condition it was only the topcoat of paintwork that was damaged. Job completed at the customers home and in less than 2 hours.

As you can see from the examples above our standard of work is second to none. We take pride in the finished result and always leave you with the repair that you expect and deserve. As mentioned previously we are mobile and are local to all areas of North London, Essex and Hertfordshire. So when looking for a ‘Car Body Repairs near me’ keep an eye out for us, you wont find anyone more experienced and qualified to carry out your local repairs.

Olympic chaos

July 27, 2012

This summer the greatest spectacle on earth comes to London, the 2012 Olympic Games. It’s due to officially open on Friday the 28th and set to run over a number of weeks throughout the summer period. With the increase of traffic around the Olympic site and venues across London, driving to and through some areas of London to carry out car body repairs will prove to be impossible, especially with the reduced amount of lanes on some main roads which have been recently designated to official Olympic  vehicles only.

So if you live within London and require our body repair services then please take this into consideration. We will still cover all the areas in north and east London for car body repairs but it might take us slightly longer to get to you. If you can wait till the end of the games then that would probably be your best option but if it’s something that needs to be repaired ASAP then give us a call on 0800 0778832 or send us a photo of the damage and we might be able to help.

During this period we will not be able to offer our quote on visit service in some parts of London, this is due to the time it would take to get into and out of the area. Sorry for any inconvenient this may cause.

Enjoy the Olympics, Come on Great Brittan!

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