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Seal Scratch and dent Repair Ilford

January 7, 2014

This scuff and dent on the off side lower seal was caused by turning to late on to a driveway. The damage had to be knocked out and filled. The whole job took less than 3 hours in total. If you have any scuffs or scrapes on your car then call us on 08000778832 for a free quote or see for more info.



Large Dented Scuff Repair Hatfield

September 20, 2013

This customer contacted us after she had scraped her car while trying to park next to a brick wall, as you can see from the photo below the rear wing has been dented and scuffed as a result of the collision. The damage itself is on the verge of being a body shop repair due to the severity of the impact, the customer had been quoted over £500 to have it fixed at a body shop. We quoted her under £200 to repair the rear wing on her car, she accepted and off we went.

Wing damage on car in Hatfield Hertfordshire

As you can see the damage is quite bad.

Damage fixed on wing in Hertfordshire

The whole job was completed in just under 3 hours with the customer over the moon with the final result.
If you have similar type damage on your car and you need it fixed contact us on 0800 0778832 or email us a photo at for more information

Dent and Scuff Repair Enfield

May 21, 2013

This scuff and dent on the rear of a ford focus 2002 was caused by a relative of the customer who reversed into the back of her car while trying to pull out of a school car park. As you can see from the photo below the damage is quite extensive. This customer contacted for a quote by texting us a photo of the affected area. We responded within 1 hour with a fixed price for the repair which was accepted and a date and time booked.

Dented Scuff Enfield

As you can see from the damage above the dent is located on the rear near side of the vehicle.  The dent could not be pulled out fully due to its location on the panel, so a mixture of PDR and filling had to be used.

Dent Repair Enfield

The whole job from start to finish took a total of 3 hours and was drivable straight away. The customer was very happy with the result.

Large Dent Repair Harlow

July 11, 2012

This dent is located on the front near side wing just above the bumper. This customer had someone hit his car whilst he was parked outside a shopping centre in Harlow Essex, and left no note. He immediately thought about going through his insurance but realised his excess was high and that he didn’t have protected no claims discount and didn’t fancy going back to being a 17 year old first time driver again. He got a body shop quote which was quite high at £650, they were going to replace the wing and spray the whole bumper, and he wasn’t too concerned about the scuff on the bumper he just wanted the dent fixed which the worst bit was. He found our details on the internet and sent us a photo via email. We had a good look at the damage and quoted him £150 to repair the wing dent, he was needless to say amazed with the low cost and immediately decided to go with us to carry out the repair on his Audi.

Dent on front wing of Audi in Harlow Essex

dent on front wing

As you can see from the photo the dent on the wing has crossed the contour line that runs parallel with the wheel arch and has been scuffed on the wing too.

Dent Repair Harlow Essex

Dent repair front wing on Audi

The repair time for the car body damage took 3 hours to complete and involved removing the dent the best we could by using a slide hammer then filling in the remainder to bring back the original shape of the Audi wing. As you can see the dent and scuff on the front wing is invisible to the naked eye and well worth the £150 paid by the customer.

If you have any car body damage on your vehicle and need it repaired give us a call on 0800 0778832 or email us a photo at for a free no obligation quote, you can now get a quote easier by filling out our car body repair quote form.