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Bumper Paint Repair Stevenage

May 14, 2016

Some car colours can be harder to spray than others, yellow and gold are possible the hardest to match and the hardest to blend in. Even a brand new yellow or gold car that has been sprayed at the manufacturing plant can look slightly different from panel to panel so just imagine how hard it is for a mobile Smart Repair service to try and blend the paint in on the same panel.

This customer in Stevenage had scuffed the car while getting it valeted. The damage couldn’t be in a more difficult place, right on the edge of the bumper joining the rear wing/wheel arch. What made the position of the damage so difficult is that there is virtually no room for us to blend the paint in on the top edge of the bumper. So we had to finish the paint and spray right up to the panel’s edge. We didn’t want to spray the paint and blend over the rear wing so the colour match had to be near enough perfect to keep the repairable are small and on the same panel.

The colour match couldn’t be more perfect so spraying the bumper corner was all that was required. The finish of the bumper scuff repair was back to showroom condition and looked like it never happened in the first place. The job took just under two hours to complete.

Yello Car Scuff

Bumper Paint Damage Stevenage

Yellow car scuff repair

Bumper Repair in Stevenage

If you have a scuff on your car and need it fixing by a smart repair service like ours and live in or around the Stevenage area in Hertfordshire give us a call on 0800 0778832 or visit our website for more information

Bumper Scuff Repair In Ware Hertfordshire

March 19, 2014

This scuff on the front section of a BMW in Ware in Hertfordshire was caused by a large van that got too close to the front of the customers car while parking. The damage looks worse on the photo than it actually is, most of the scratches on the corner are superficial with only a few deep scratches on the edges. The colour is a nice grey which blended in easily and with the weather being nice and warm for a change the job was completed within 2 hours. The customer could not believe the finished result and said she would recommend our services in a heart beat.

Bumper Scuff Ware

Bumper Damage on car in Ware Hertfordshire



Bumper Scuff Repair in Essex

July 15, 2013

As you can see from the photo the damage is located on the front off side bumper corner. The damage was caused by another vehicle that hit the car at low speed which caused the scuffing over the wheel arch section of the cars front bumper. Our mobile service got to the customer within 7 days of the original enquiry, the job took just under an hour and a half and could be driven straight away. Due to the summer heat the job was finished early than expected because the drying time for the paint and lacquer was dramatically reduced.

Bumper Scuff Damage West Hornden

As you can see there are scuffs all along the wheel arch section of the bumper.

Bumper scuff repair Essex

The repair took under two hours and looked good as new on completion. If you have a knock or scuff on your car and need it repaired then send us a photo of the damage for a free no obligation quote.

Bumper Crack Damage Bishops Stortford

April 29, 2013

This crack on the rear of a Mini was caused by the customer reversing into a post which split the rear bumper plastic and slightly deformed the panel. As you can see from the photo below the crack is quite severe and requires a fair amount of attention to bring it back to showroom condition.

The crack first needed to be sealed back together and any distortions corrected with different heat techniques. Then any scuffs or scratches filled then the whole thing painted and lacquered.

Damage on bumper in bishops stortford essex

As you can see from the final photo above the damage is completly invisible and looks great.

Cracked paint repair bishops Stortford

If you need any cracks on bumper repaired and you live in Bishops Stortford or other areas in Essex then give us a call on 0800 0778832 or email photos too for a no obligation quote.


Bumper Damage and Repair

April 5, 2013

There are more cars than ever on the roads today, consequently the amount of accidental collisions have increased as a result. Whether it’s parking your car or driving on roads, it’s difficult not to sustain a knock or too whether it’s your fault or not, its part and parcel or owning a car and an unavoidable part of driving in the automotive environment we live in today.

Modern cars are designed and built to cope with these types of collisions with bumpers on the front and rear of vehicles that can compress and fracture protecting the rest of the car from the main force of the impact. Replacing these panels can be costly especially with the increase in metallic and pearlescent paint that is needed to re-spray the part to match the rest of the car. So without replacing the entire panel, is there an alternative method of repair which is more cost efficient? The answer to this question is yes, a mobile car body repair service.

Mobile car body repair services such as have the ability to fix most types of damage on bumpers such as scuffs and scrapes as well as cracks and holes. There is however a limit to what a mobile service can repair for if the panel is falling off or the hole is too large then it would have to be replaced at a much higher cost. This type of service is much more cost and time efficient than a static body shop for they only repair the damaged area and not the whole part which in turn saves time on the job and cost for the service.
Another option would be to use a static body shop. This type of service is more expensive than the one mentioned above but are more capable in handling larger impact damage such as split bumpers and panel replacements.

As you can see from the information above the repair options available all depend on the type of impact, fits a light scuff or small hole or crack then a mobile repair service will do but if it’s a heavier impact then only a body shop could fix the damage.

Bumper Paint Repair Bishops Stortford

March 13, 2013

This customer had scuffed his car during the icy conditions we have been having over the past few weeks. The car slid into a post at the end of his drive which grazed the paint work and removed some of the paint and plastic from the rear bumper area. This customer had used our services before so new the standard of our repairs and was more than happy for us to go ahead with the job.

Bumper Scuff Bishops Stortford

As you can see from the photo the damage is in a small area located on the corner of the bumper. The graze did require some filler due to the depth of the scratch.

Scuff Repair Bishops Stortford

The job took 1 hour in total to fully complete and could be driven straight away. The customer was more than happy with the final result, which left his car back into showroom condition. If you have similar types of damage on your car then you can either email us a photo to or use our car body repair quote form.

Bumper Scuff in Harlow

February 27, 2013

This scratch located on the rear bumper corner was caused by another driver not watching where they were going. The customer sent us some photos via email, to which we replied within 24 hours with a fixed price. A date was booked for the work to be carried out.

bumper scrtch

As you can see the scratches are located on the wheel arch section of the bumper area. The paint had to be blended up to the start of the wing and around the bumper curve.

bumper scuff

The damage was repaired within 2 hours and looked great. The customer was over the moon and had no idea that the finished article would look as good as it did. If you have a scuff or a scrape and live in the Herts Essex or London areas call us on 0800 0778832 or email us a photo at

Service Back To Normal

August 13, 2012

Due to the Olympic Games that have taken place over the last two weeks, the services which we provide have been affected as a result. There have been certain areas within and around the north and east London parts that have been at times impossible to get to, due to the traffic and road restrictions that have been in place since the end of July.

Car Body Repairs back to normal service

We are please to say that all our services and areas we cover are back to normal as from august 13th and should remain this way for the following sixteen days until the start of the Paralympics.

During the Paralympics some services and areas we cover may be affected, hopefully not as much as the previous two weeks. We can’t foresee to many headaches being caused but if you need a body repair of any type and live within the Olympic zone you are better off calling us on 0800 0778832 as soon as you can to book up early.

If you need a quick quote for bumper repairs or the like fill out our car body quote form we will get back to you within 24 hours with a free no obligation estimate.

The Olympics have been great for London and the UK as a whole, all of the events and the competitors that have taken part have been amazing to watch and if you were as lucky as myself to see some of the events live all the better. It’s a shame it’s finished but all things come to an end at some point. The end of one thing brings the start of another so here’s to the Paralympics and team GB, if you haven’t got any tickets get a move on its going to be amazing

Most Popular Repairs

July 6, 2012

Over the past month Car Body Repairs 4 Less have repaired numerous cars all over Hertfordshire, Essex and London, in that time we have kept a record of the most popular types of repairs we have been asked to repair, they are the following:

Bumper Scratch Repairs

The most popular repair by far is the humble bumper scuff or bumper scratch, These types of damage are usually caused by parking for it’s the out most section of the car that is likely to come in contact with something else whilst parking or manoeuvring. The repair time for a bumper scuff would be between 1-2 hours depending upon severity of damage.

Bumper Scratch Repairs

Vandal Scratch Repairs

This unfortunately is another common type of repair and the second most popular that we have fixed within the last month. They are generally caused by intentional scratching on a cars body work with a sharp object such as a key, knife or blade. They can be a bit trickier to repair than a bumper scuff mentioned above, for the repairable area is generally larger which requires more paint, materials and time in order to correct the damage. Repair time for a standard key scratch on a door would take between 2-3 hours to a water tight finish.

Key Scratch Repair

Seat Burn Repairs

More common than you may think but seat burns are a popular type of repair. They are caused by dropping a cigarette in a car whilst smoking. Out of the top three types of repairs seat burns take the shortest time to fix with average repair times between 30min to 1hour. This type of repair was mostly carried out when the customer was selling their car or had just bought it.

Seat Burn Repair

The above mentioned repairs are the most common over a monthly period carried out by Car Body Repairs 4 Less. The next three most popular included door dents, rust repairs and stone chip repairs.

Holiday Blues

June 26, 2012

Just arrived back from our annual holiday to find the weather still is as wet and windy as it was the day we left and a massive difference from the 30 degree heat myself and my family have been injoying for the past 10 days. A break from work is what everyone needs once in a while and he who says that they don’t need one is either telling fibs or high on something.

It’s difficult for a self employed person like myself to have holidays for when we are off from work, its business that surfers for no one wants to wait 10 – 14 days to have a car body repair carried out, and I don’t blame them.

The garages and showrooms we service can’t leave there cars un repaired for longer than 10 business days for they need to constantly turn cars over and can’t afford to leave cars in storage until they are repaired, so thanks for all theses garages that gave me the time off for a break.

It takes a good few weeks to build back up the customer orders to a reasonable level and things do get frantic on our return for the amount of emails and answer phone messages we have to go through are immense.  With these restrictions on the business the annual leave is never more than 14 days or 10 business days, so for all the repeat customers and new ones that hung on in there for our return, thank you.

And for all the customers that had emergencies or jobs that couldn’t wait for our return we hope that you will keep us in mind for further possible body repairs when needed.

There will be no more time off for us until Christmas so no more further interruptions until then, so if you have any form of bumper scratch repair or any other form of car body damage send us an email at sales@carbodyrepairs4less or call us on 0800 0778832 or fill out our quote form and we will be more than happy to help.

Bring on the work.