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Bumper Repair

January 26, 2016

Bumper scuffs or scratches can make a car look tatty and unloved especially when the under coat or base colour is vastly different to the main colour as in the photos below. This series of chips on the front bumper was caused by another driver just catching the corner of the car while pulling out of a tight spot.

Most of our competitors wanted to respray the entire bumper and one wanted to replace it all together. Luckily good sense prevailed and they called us to fix their Bumper Repair.

Car Body Repairs 4 Less has been fixing these types of bumper repairs for over 12 years. We use a specialised Smart Repair technique that we have adapted that allows us to spray a smaller area and not the whole bumper in order to blend in the paint.

The photos below show the before and after shots of the damaged area. The job took us just under 2 hours and the work was carried out at the customers address in Finchley, North London.

This technique we use is so versatile it can be adapted to a variety of other car bodywork damage such as:

  • Bumper Scuff,
  • Key or Vandal Scratches
  • Cracked bumpers
  • Door Scratches
  • Stone Chips
  • Rust Repairs

If you have some damage you would like looked at on your bumper or any other part of your car and require a reliable, efficient cost effective service that is local to you and can carry out the work at your home or place of work. Then you’ve found it. You can email us photos to sales@carbodyrepairs4less or text photos to 07966799721 for an instance Bumper Repair Quote.

Bumper scuff repair in Cheshunt

May 16, 2014

This slight knock on the rear corner of a Vauxhall vectra was caused by the customer reversing into a tight spot and not noticing a low lying post which she slightly grazed with the bumper section of her car.

The resulting impact removed a section of paint and plastic near the edge of the wheel arch area.


The area had to be filled and smoothed off. The job took us just under two hours to fully complete and looked great, the customer couldn’t believe the result.


Bumper Scuff Repair In Ware Hertfordshire

March 19, 2014

This scuff on the front section of a BMW in Ware in Hertfordshire was caused by a large van that got too close to the front of the customers car while parking. The damage looks worse on the photo than it actually is, most of the scratches on the corner are superficial with only a few deep scratches on the edges. The colour is a nice grey which blended in easily and with the weather being nice and warm for a change the job was completed within 2 hours. The customer could not believe the finished result and said she would recommend our services in a heart beat.

Bumper Scuff Ware

Bumper Damage on car in Ware Hertfordshire



Bumper Scuff Repair in Essex

July 15, 2013

As you can see from the photo the damage is located on the front off side bumper corner. The damage was caused by another vehicle that hit the car at low speed which caused the scuffing over the wheel arch section of the cars front bumper. Our mobile service got to the customer within 7 days of the original enquiry, the job took just under an hour and a half and could be driven straight away. Due to the summer heat the job was finished early than expected because the drying time for the paint and lacquer was dramatically reduced.

Bumper Scuff Damage West Hornden

As you can see there are scuffs all along the wheel arch section of the bumper.

Bumper scuff repair Essex

The repair took under two hours and looked good as new on completion. If you have a knock or scuff on your car and need it repaired then send us a photo of the damage for a free no obligation quote.

Mobile Bumper Scratch Repair Broxbourne

April 19, 2013

This customer is based in Broxbourne Hertfordshire and had parked his Jaguar at a shopping centre car park while he went shopping, on his return he found that some one or thing had scuffed the front off side bumper corner of his newly purchased car, he was not too pleased.

Bumper Scuff Broxbourne

The damage as you can see is located on the wheel arch section of the panel. The impact has taken some of the paint and primer off the surface and left scratches in its wake.

Bumper Scratch Fix Broxbourne

The repair took a little over an hour and a half to fully fix. The customer was very impressed with the result and the mobile scratch repair service we offered.

If you have similar types of body work damage you wish to have put back into showroom condition then give us a call on 0800 0778832 or email for more information.

Our mobile car body work service is only offered to customers who live in the Hertfordshire Essex and North London areas of the south east.

Body Work Repair Romford

April 15, 2013

This customer lives in Romford in Essex and had scuffed his rear bumper on the wall of his house while trying to park. The damage as you can see sits just beneath the metal bumper trim strip and virtually runs over most of the middle section of the bumper. The repair took in total 2 hours to fully fix and looked good as new, the customer was very impressed with the final result and said he wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to his friends and family.

Body work Damage Romford Body work bumper fix


If you have any form of body work repair you would like looked at for a free no obligation quote then contact us at for more information.

Bumper Paint Repair Bishops Stortford

March 13, 2013

This customer had scuffed his car during the icy conditions we have been having over the past few weeks. The car slid into a post at the end of his drive which grazed the paint work and removed some of the paint and plastic from the rear bumper area. This customer had used our services before so new the standard of our repairs and was more than happy for us to go ahead with the job.

Bumper Scuff Bishops Stortford

As you can see from the photo the damage is in a small area located on the corner of the bumper. The graze did require some filler due to the depth of the scratch.

Scuff Repair Bishops Stortford

The job took 1 hour in total to fully complete and could be driven straight away. The customer was more than happy with the final result, which left his car back into showroom condition. If you have similar types of damage on your car then you can either email us a photo to or use our car body repair quote form.

Bumper Scuff in Harlow

February 27, 2013

This scratch located on the rear bumper corner was caused by another driver not watching where they were going. The customer sent us some photos via email, to which we replied within 24 hours with a fixed price. A date was booked for the work to be carried out.

bumper scrtch

As you can see the scratches are located on the wheel arch section of the bumper area. The paint had to be blended up to the start of the wing and around the bumper curve.

bumper scuff

The damage was repaired within 2 hours and looked great. The customer was over the moon and had no idea that the finished article would look as good as it did. If you have a scuff or a scrape and live in the Herts Essex or London areas call us on 0800 0778832 or email us a photo at

Bumper Scuff Repair in Hertfordshire

May 17, 2012

This unfortunate customer had a collision with another car that scuffed the rear off side bumper corner on her Volkswagen Beatle. The customer was based in Hertfordshire.

Bumper scratch repair in hertfordshire

Nasty little bumper scratch on the corner

The scuff is only slight but when I feathered out the bumper scratch I notice that it had been sprayed before. This can cause problems especially if the lacquer they used to repair it is sub standard for when recoating this type of lacquer reactions can occur which would we would have to strip the entire rear section of the bumper corner and start again. Luckily the lacquer was of a good standard and the following mobile car body repair was carried out over a 2 hour period.

Bumper Scratch Repaired

All Better now