Bumper Damage and Repair

There are more cars than ever on the roads today, consequently the amount of accidental collisions have increased as a result. Whether it’s parking your car or driving on roads, it’s difficult not to sustain a knock or too whether it’s your fault or not, its part and parcel or owning a car and an unavoidable part of driving in the automotive environment we live in today.

Modern cars are designed and built to cope with these types of collisions with bumpers on the front and rear of vehicles that can compress and fracture protecting the rest of the car from the main force of the impact. Replacing these panels can be costly especially with the increase in metallic and pearlescent paint that is needed to re-spray the part to match the rest of the car. So without replacing the entire panel, is there an alternative method of repair which is more cost efficient? The answer to this question is yes, a mobile car body repair service.

Mobile car body repair services such as http://www.carbodyrepairs4less.co.uk have the ability to fix most types of damage on bumpers such as scuffs and scrapes as well as cracks and holes. There is however a limit to what a mobile service can repair for if the panel is falling off or the hole is too large then it would have to be replaced at a much higher cost. This type of service is much more cost and time efficient than a static body shop for they only repair the damaged area and not the whole part which in turn saves time on the job and cost for the service.
Another option would be to use a static body shop. This type of service is more expensive than the one mentioned above but are more capable in handling larger impact damage such as split bumpers and panel replacements.

As you can see from the information above the repair options available all depend on the type of impact, fits a light scuff or small hole or crack then a mobile repair service will do but if it’s a heavier impact then only a body shop could fix the damage.

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