Bumper Scuff in Harlow

This scratch located on the rear bumper corner was caused by another driver not watching where they were going. The customer sent us some photos via email, to which we replied within 24 hours with a fixed price. A date was booked for the work to be carried out.

bumper scrtch

As you can see the scratches are located on the wheel arch section of the bumper area. The paint had to be blended up to the start of the wing and around the bumper curve.

bumper scuff

The damage was repaired within 2 hours and looked great. The customer was over the moon and had no idea that the finished article would look as good as it did. If you have a scuff or a scrape and live in the Herts Essex or London areas call us on 0800 0778832 or email us a photo at http://www.carbodyrepairs4less.co.uk/CarBodyRepairQuote.html

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2 Responses to “Bumper Scuff in Harlow”

  1. Finlay Says:

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    Thanks, Margarita

  2. Connie Says:

    I wonder why you named this particular blog, “Bumper
    Scuff in Harlow | Car Body Repairs”. In any event I admired the article!
    I appreciate it,Anita

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